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 This is a smart article

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ПишувањеПредмет: This is a smart article   Сре Aвг 03, 2011 11:11 pm

Hello. Hi retro 41,You can use Shrink if you don't mind loosing the menu. Open Shrink and let it analyze.Select re-author.Drag the main title into the compilation window.Open the start/end, chapter select feature.(The opposing arrows above the compilation window.)Using the sliders and the chapters drop-down menu, select the first half of the chapters.Burn your first half.Repeat the process for the second disc, selecting the second half of the chapters.Heres a guide using Shrink 2.3, it is the same principal: should probably put in an "insert disc 2" clip at the end of disc 1. Just use one of these and drag it into your compilation website- featuring Guides by Alkohol, bbmayo, ScubaPete and me.
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This is a smart article
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